Moon Madness

by aisbadger

La Luna! The moon, That shining silver light!

Tonight, October 11 the moon is full. Meaning the lighted side of the moon at her fullest point turns to face earth.

Octobers moon is called the Hunter, or blood moon.

Throughout old history and around the world the moon has inspired wonder and kindles curiosity within people.  That bright elusive silvery orb, that always seems to be just beyond our touch. What is it about the moon that makes it so intriguing and mysterious?

From the earliest of times, the moon has been a part of old legends, myths, folklore, religion, and ceremonies. Many of the early cultures viewed the moon as a symbol of their goddess; Artemis- the celestial goddess of the moon.

There is something about the moon that triggers erratic behavior and deep seated urges. I can say this is true for myself. I have the urge to party, move my hips and shout at the moon, to be loud and I always seem to have an endless source of energy around the fullness of the moon. I have more of a carefree mindset, and feel like celebrating, adventuring out into the night, drinking whisky, or more appropriate, and if available; Moonshine.

An interesting bit of research shows the long connection between the moon and the feelings of  insanity and irrationality; the words lunacy and loony  come from the Latin name for the Moon, Luna. Ancient Philosophers believed  that the full Moon brought on insanity in certain  individuals, saying  that the brain, which is mostly water, was affected by the Moon and its power over the tides, there is no scientific evidence to support such claims but I find it fascinating to think that our bodies which are so full of fluid could be effected by this.

Its no wonder that we are fascinated by the moon, its enchanting and mysterious beauty. It possesses a certain power over us that is not truly understood.

She has a beauty that feeds imagination to this physical world we live in. There is something about the moon that  has the ability to lift the spirits of most people.

For me, along with my feelings of ecstatic behavior, I find it important to take note of that bright magical moon that has inspired rituals and tradition, and has had a profound effect on healing, and centering.  I think  having some sort of ceremony and taking note of the majestic power is a wonderful way to honor her wise spirit.  If you are interested in trying this I encourage you to do something I have enjoyed  since  I was a small girl ; making moon water, or moon tonics.

Moon Tonic are waters containing the energies of the moon that embody very powerful healing benefits that bring about balance and wholeness throughout the body, mind and soul that are infused with herbs that promote spirit awakening, and healing..

some of my favorite herbs to add are :

Roses- (Rosa spp) adds an aspect of protection to the heart in this crazy time.

Chamomile ( Matricaria chamomilla) is said to bring prosperity as well as a calm sense of comfort and healing.
Lavender( Lavendula angustafolia)  cleansing and calming invoking love and romance

Rosemary: ( Rosmarinus officianalis) used in  blessings, and for remembrance

Sage: (salvia spp) clearing and  cleansing, sage brings a healing wisdom, and adds the right amount of spice.

Mugwork( artemesia vilgaris) a powerful Dream Enhancer  for promoting vivid dreams, wild imagination, and a sense of estacity. MugwortFor questions in the heart that are unaswered, brew a cold infusion of mugwort tea under the full moon.

Lady’s mantel( Alchemilla vulgaris)  in the time of the witches the dew from the ladys mantel was highly prized as an alchemical substance and was collected by the women right before dawn. I love the thought of collecting dew the next morning and adding it to your tea. If not from Lady’s mantel,  watch how any dew from a plant  glitters in the morning, this alone is a gift from La Luna.

So, tonight- find a special jar, or bowl and if you can use clean good water, add your collection of herbs, crystals or what ever else calls to you and find a special place in your yard or garden, where it will get at least a few hours of moonlight. Leave it out for the night. Come morning, find a special place and sit quietly while you drink. Hopefully the magic of the moon will have embodied the drink, and some sort of healing will take place. Even if nothing else, having that connection to the moon rays is something that not everyone can experience, and that should be treasured.

If you are not able to do this, I hope at least you can get outside to bask in the glow of that beauty in the sky!