I am a budding clinical herbalist, having landed myself in a three year clinical herbalist training program here in north-central vermont, which has been my home for two years now. Having uprooted myself from the Pacific Northwest, I am beginning to find love with the green mountains of Vermont.

I have been an avid plant lover, and have informally studied herbalism for some time now, but never have I been so in depth with it.  I have realized through learning, that I have only begun to touch the surface of knowledge  that plants hold, so deeply rooted for thousands of years. One thing I do know- I have much to learn. I think the love of Herbalism and healing is a life long path, and you are never quite sure where it will take you.

It does feel a little overwhelming at times.. especially because I feel that its such an important and upcoming subject in our health care system that I want to be able to answer all the complex questions that come my way. I am inspired by the body- and how we work, and how the plants  synergize with us into a complex rhythm, I am passionate about how we care and nourish ourselves, and how to be radical with our healthcare systems, spread knowledge.. and to stand up and believe in it fully.

My hope is that through my writing here, I can organize my thoughts, passions, and inspirations and share what I am learning to my friends and other fellow herbalists/ healers/ plant lovers etc. As well as learn new things.


Cheers to the plants!